Movie WAR LIVE (2000), Director Darko Bajić

In Belgrade of 1999, producer Sergej and his film crew are in an unenviable situation - they have no money, people are unsatisfied, and NATO starts bombing the city.
The story revolves around the attempt of producer Sergej (Dragan Bjelogrlić) to save his co-producer Harvey Jackson (Darlene Heaney) by having him play the lead role in a patriotic and brave film that is shot during the bombing. The Government will support the film, and the work will be "supervised" by the state security officer Mileta (Aleksandar Berček), who will accuse the cast of being "artists do not share the fate of the country and are not patriots" at the first screening. The producer, despite the difficulties he encountered, eventually manages to work, and the only problem he has at home is that his wife and daughter want to leave the country. The war does not seem to affect the film crew, until the moment when their personal tragedies begin. Then everything changes.
The film was a Serbian candidate for the Oscar, for the Best International Feature Film for the year 2001.
Cast: Dragan Bjelogrlić, Srđan Todorović, Aleksandar Berček, Velimir Bata Živojinović, Deril Hani, Dubravka Mijatović, Vesna Trivalić and many others.

Dragan Bjelogrlić - Cobra Production - Kumanovska 12, Beograd