TV Series MONTEVIDEO, GOD BLESS YOU! (2012-2014), Director Dragan Bjelogrlić

The main story of the TV series focuses on the historic success of the Yugoslav national team in Montevideo in 1930 at the first football world cup where the team had made it to the semi-finals, as well as the personalities of the young footballers, who with their enthusiasm and talent contributed to such an astonishing success of going to this great world competition.
The story follows their lives, personal problems, the collision created by the desire to prove themselves in sports as opposed to the established city life, customs and the need for work and survival that Belgrade and Yugoslavia were set in between the two world wars.
Cast: Miloš Biković, Petar Strugar, Predrag Vasić, Milutin Karadžić, Branimir Brstina, Nina Janković, Dafina Jeftić, Nebojša Ilić and many others.

Dragan Bjelogrlić - Cobra Production - Kumanovska 12, Beograd