Film TOMA, (2021)

The film TOMA is an impressionist portrait of artist Toma Zdravkovic which depicts his beginnings, rise to fame, the loves that inspired him through composition of some of his greatest hits, as well as the relationship with a large number of friends he had in the artistic milieu of former Yugoslavia. In addition to Toma, the film follows the lives of famous artists of the time, such as Zoran Radmilovic, Mika Antic, Tozovac, and others.
TOMA is a biographical film about Toma Zdravkovic, a man we not only remember through his songs and the way he sang them, but also a bohemian by lifestyle and soul. The film follows two story lines, in 1991 we follow the relationship of Toma and his doctor who initiates his treatment, and the way this acquaintance turns into a friendship. The other story path follows his life from childhood in Pecenjevce, through his friendship with Silvana Armenulic which will crucially affect his career and personal life, to heights of popularity, to hitting rock bottom. This is a story about soul.
Cast: Milan Marić, Tamara Dragičević, Petar Benčina, Andrija Kuzmanović, Sanja Marković, Paulina Manov, Milan Kolak, Mirjana Karanović and many others.
The film "Toma" is the most watched domestic film in the last two decades with more than one million and one hundred thousand viewers.


Dragan Bjelogrlić - Cobra Production - Kumanovska 12, Beograd